Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby-sitting and dropping iPhones in toilets

That's pretty much what I've been doing this week. I'm not telling you how much I'm getting paid to watch this person's children but know that it's so low, it's embarrassing. I'm not baby-sitting for money(obviously) it's to for the benefit of the world. Or whatever. But yeah, these last two weeks it's been Joy, Elena, and I. Burping Brooklyn and trying to get Jo to eat some healthy food. The first week I was like "Dude, this is a BREEZE, I should start seriously baby-sitting everyone's kids!" Second week, I was telling myself over and over again that I go back to school July 25th and then this will all be over. Haha, I also reconsidered having 12 children. Doesn't sound like a good idea.
Ohmg, and big news! Woot! We got our long awaited container. Sorry, bad grammar but I'm too lazy to fix it. Anyway, yeah, our container arrived yesterday. My bedroom floor is literally covered in a foot of clothes and John Grisham books. I would take a picture and post it but *ahem* I dropped my brand new(not really) iPhone in the toilet a couple of hours ago. Yes, I pulled it out right away, and FYI I was doing my hair and leaned over to throw a broken hair thing in the trash, the phone slipped out of my back pocket and fell in the empty toilet. So yeah, it's only mildly disgusting. I didn't freak because I figured I had warranty or some awesomeness. Turns out since my iPhone is brand new(not really) it's warranty is void or whatever because my dad already jacked the first one up and they gave him a new one. And it expired, I think. THEN, I freaked out. And looked up some similar stories on Google, obviously people who usually drop their phones in toilets are people who love to use pretty explicit language. My mind was defiled every 5 seconds. Just kidding, not really. But yeah, I got a vacuum cleaner and sucked the water out and then stuck the phone in a bag of rice for like an hour. I just tried to get it to work. It's fine except the home button is stuck ON and the side buttons don't work. Oh and for awhile the camera was all fogged up. Hopefully, it'll be fine by tonight. If not, I have some crap Nokia that I'll have to use *makes face*
Someone buy me an iPhone. OOOH, I should go on like Chat Roulette and offer to marry some nerd if they buy me an iPhone. That would work really well. And then Megan will dispose of the nerd. That would work really REALLY well.

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