Sunday, June 26, 2011

Baby-sitting and dropping iPhones in toilets

That's pretty much what I've been doing this week. I'm not telling you how much I'm getting paid to watch this person's children but know that it's so low, it's embarrassing. I'm not baby-sitting for money(obviously) it's to for the benefit of the world. Or whatever. But yeah, these last two weeks it's been Joy, Elena, and I. Burping Brooklyn and trying to get Jo to eat some healthy food. The first week I was like "Dude, this is a BREEZE, I should start seriously baby-sitting everyone's kids!" Second week, I was telling myself over and over again that I go back to school July 25th and then this will all be over. Haha, I also reconsidered having 12 children. Doesn't sound like a good idea.
Ohmg, and big news! Woot! We got our long awaited container. Sorry, bad grammar but I'm too lazy to fix it. Anyway, yeah, our container arrived yesterday. My bedroom floor is literally covered in a foot of clothes and John Grisham books. I would take a picture and post it but *ahem* I dropped my brand new(not really) iPhone in the toilet a couple of hours ago. Yes, I pulled it out right away, and FYI I was doing my hair and leaned over to throw a broken hair thing in the trash, the phone slipped out of my back pocket and fell in the empty toilet. So yeah, it's only mildly disgusting. I didn't freak because I figured I had warranty or some awesomeness. Turns out since my iPhone is brand new(not really) it's warranty is void or whatever because my dad already jacked the first one up and they gave him a new one. And it expired, I think. THEN, I freaked out. And looked up some similar stories on Google, obviously people who usually drop their phones in toilets are people who love to use pretty explicit language. My mind was defiled every 5 seconds. Just kidding, not really. But yeah, I got a vacuum cleaner and sucked the water out and then stuck the phone in a bag of rice for like an hour. I just tried to get it to work. It's fine except the home button is stuck ON and the side buttons don't work. Oh and for awhile the camera was all fogged up. Hopefully, it'll be fine by tonight. If not, I have some crap Nokia that I'll have to use *makes face*
Someone buy me an iPhone. OOOH, I should go on like Chat Roulette and offer to marry some nerd if they buy me an iPhone. That would work really well. And then Megan will dispose of the nerd. That would work really REALLY well.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Band from Prescott

Hai ;)
I just went to a concert at my church. Correction: Not at my church but hosted by my church.. Eh, most of you know what I'm talking about. Saturday night- whatever you want to call it. Remember when it was called Firehouse? LOL. Anyway, a band from Prescott came... Don't know what they're called but they were really good. I came in late so missed a lot :( But yeah, they were really good! No surprise there, Prescott bands are always talented. They played.. Non-mainstream, radio friendly, kind of alternative music. Not sure if that would make sense but that's what my impression was. They did a country song in the end that nearly put me to sleep but was still talented. Problem was, they didn't have much of a stage presence.. So it was hard to stay focused. The music was good but it didn't really pull you in. There was a drum solo though. And a bass solo. And numerous guitar solos.
I was originally going to talk about a band I'm not naming (a friend told me about them)but I just did some research and did not like what I found. They opened for Marilyn Manson. That's all you need to know. All I needed to know. It's a shame, I liked their music. Underground style. Remember when Underoath was underground? Apparently they played in church basements at some time. Wonder if they still do. They should play in my church's basement. Or in our fellowship hall since we don't have a basement.
Dang, I'm bummed. I really wanted to talk about that one band. Oh well.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Tom&Jerry.... How could someone let their kid watch it?

I was going to talk about the evils of Tom&Jerry but then I got carried away talking about how some mice can be cute even though Jerry is NOT. And then I forgot what I was talking about so yeah.
Hahaha, that makes me think of one of the last times, actually the very last time I went to a certain restaurant in Bangalore. I'm not going to name it because everyone in Bangalore loves it but when I'm done with this story you'll be disgusted and not want to go. That's not my goal, I love the restaurant and their deaf/blind waiters. They're not really deaf and blind. They just pretend. They like to see people jumping in their seats and waving their arms around like maniacs just for a bottle of Sprite. Remember that Victoria? Hahah. Good times. Anyway! We went one of the nights of the India conference... We're sitting at one of the tables along the little garden area when out of the corner of my eye I see something very large move behind this old little grill. I assumed it was a cat or maybe dog and resumed eating my wonderful meal. But THEN I saw a very long, very hairless, very thin tail! I'm serious! This... rat looking creature was as long as my dog, Eagle and probably three times wider! No joke! Apparently they call them "bandigoats" in India. Not sure where the name came from but pretty much they're super huge, super slow, super scary rats. And this restaurant had one LIVING in their garden, next to the kitchen. Hahaha, and here's the conversation we had with the waiter who pretends to be deaf and blind for a little bit and also knows our whole order.
My mom and I: There's a huge ginormous rat in the bushes!!!!
Waiter: *is not very impressed* Oh yes.
My mom and I: He's so big!
Waiter:*still not impressed* Oh yes, he is a bandigote(bandigoat?)
My mom and I: How did he get so big?
Waiter: Eating steak only!
My mom and I: *stare in disbelief*
Hm. I miss that place. They had yummy steak and bomb chicken schnitzels.

Still trying to figure out how to get to Prescott conference. If you have any ideas, email me.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Here goes..!

Hello :)
So, this is my first post. I've had a lot of time on my hands these last few months so I figured I might as well do something with it. Letting out my energies, I suppose.
I'll probably talk about things like music, life in India, my dog, books, and ugh, school. When school starts. Yes, I'm going to highschool for the first time in my life. I've been homeschooled these last 7 years and I'm pretty nervous! Thankfully, I know someone at the school I'm going to. So I won't be completely alone. And anyway, highschool is where you learn. We shouldn't be going to socialize or meet new people. We are so lucky to have free, good education. When you go to school and get crappy grades because you're too busy with your social life... You're throwing away something that thousands of kids in other countries would love to have. Eh, sorry. I sound whiney and complaining. Something I don't want to do with this blog!
Music!!! Ok, this band, Rocky Loves Emily, need to be found! I read an article about them in HM magazine and got bored one day and decided to look them up. Now usually, I'm more of a hard rock girl but this band is so refreshing! They make me think of lemonade, beaches, and the mall. Their song Clueless, is so adorably innocent and cute it makes me smile. Look them up! Or click on "rocky loves emily" above. They're pop rock... With a few short guitar solos. Oh and I think they're from Cali. They look like they're from Oregon though because they all have long, shaggy hair. They claim to be Christian but yeah, I haven't heard them talk about God in their songs. They got reviewed in a Christian magazine and talked about how much God's been helping them but other than that, nothing.
Speaking of! We survived the "end of the world"! Big surprise. I wonder if that guy got sued. All those people who believed him! Oh and get this, there's a company that will take care of your pets after the rapture. I SO need that. But my worry is... How do I know that they'll really take care of Eagle when I'm gone? I won't be able to sue them or anything if he goes hungry. Hmm, I'll have to think about that.