Saturday, June 4, 2011

Band from Prescott

Hai ;)
I just went to a concert at my church. Correction: Not at my church but hosted by my church.. Eh, most of you know what I'm talking about. Saturday night- whatever you want to call it. Remember when it was called Firehouse? LOL. Anyway, a band from Prescott came... Don't know what they're called but they were really good. I came in late so missed a lot :( But yeah, they were really good! No surprise there, Prescott bands are always talented. They played.. Non-mainstream, radio friendly, kind of alternative music. Not sure if that would make sense but that's what my impression was. They did a country song in the end that nearly put me to sleep but was still talented. Problem was, they didn't have much of a stage presence.. So it was hard to stay focused. The music was good but it didn't really pull you in. There was a drum solo though. And a bass solo. And numerous guitar solos.
I was originally going to talk about a band I'm not naming (a friend told me about them)but I just did some research and did not like what I found. They opened for Marilyn Manson. That's all you need to know. All I needed to know. It's a shame, I liked their music. Underground style. Remember when Underoath was underground? Apparently they played in church basements at some time. Wonder if they still do. They should play in my church's basement. Or in our fellowship hall since we don't have a basement.
Dang, I'm bummed. I really wanted to talk about that one band. Oh well.

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