Friday, June 3, 2011

Tom&Jerry.... How could someone let their kid watch it?

I was going to talk about the evils of Tom&Jerry but then I got carried away talking about how some mice can be cute even though Jerry is NOT. And then I forgot what I was talking about so yeah.
Hahaha, that makes me think of one of the last times, actually the very last time I went to a certain restaurant in Bangalore. I'm not going to name it because everyone in Bangalore loves it but when I'm done with this story you'll be disgusted and not want to go. That's not my goal, I love the restaurant and their deaf/blind waiters. They're not really deaf and blind. They just pretend. They like to see people jumping in their seats and waving their arms around like maniacs just for a bottle of Sprite. Remember that Victoria? Hahah. Good times. Anyway! We went one of the nights of the India conference... We're sitting at one of the tables along the little garden area when out of the corner of my eye I see something very large move behind this old little grill. I assumed it was a cat or maybe dog and resumed eating my wonderful meal. But THEN I saw a very long, very hairless, very thin tail! I'm serious! This... rat looking creature was as long as my dog, Eagle and probably three times wider! No joke! Apparently they call them "bandigoats" in India. Not sure where the name came from but pretty much they're super huge, super slow, super scary rats. And this restaurant had one LIVING in their garden, next to the kitchen. Hahaha, and here's the conversation we had with the waiter who pretends to be deaf and blind for a little bit and also knows our whole order.
My mom and I: There's a huge ginormous rat in the bushes!!!!
Waiter: *is not very impressed* Oh yes.
My mom and I: He's so big!
Waiter:*still not impressed* Oh yes, he is a bandigote(bandigoat?)
My mom and I: How did he get so big?
Waiter: Eating steak only!
My mom and I: *stare in disbelief*
Hm. I miss that place. They had yummy steak and bomb chicken schnitzels.

Still trying to figure out how to get to Prescott conference. If you have any ideas, email me.


  1. aha ha ha ha ha ha ha....such good memories.them rats after our food better grab an AK and go:RATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATATAT before were overrun!

  2. Ohmygoodness. Where shall I start? Firstly, you didn't capitalize the beginning of your sentences. Secondly, when you're typing your laugh in it's usually "ahahahahaha" instead of "aha ha ha ha" but I admire you non-conformism. "Them rats" is incorrect, "those rats" would be more appropriate. The subject and verb in your sentence "them rats after our food better grab an AK..." don't agree. Correct form: There are rats after our food, we should grab an AK... ALSO, you wouldn't go "ratatatat". The AK47 would do that. So, "better grab an AK and let it go ratatatat"
    Thanks for you comment though, Josh. You will be a very smart man by the time I move out :)

  3. SURE miss i know this is kinda random but i wish i had a integrally suppressed .22 cal pistol dad said maybe i can get one for my birthday.if i get it i gaurantee you will be jealous wahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL i jest haha.anyways back to the point.those rats in india were freakin large especially in mumbai.i swear ill NEVER go back to that city NEVER EVER EVER.unless i get paid a million dollars,(hehehehehehehehehehehe)lol.